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Peterson House Pipe Bent Terracotta P-Lip


Peterson House Pipe Bent Terracotta P-Lip

Peterson House Pipe Bent Terracotta P-Lip
Less than 10% of the worlds Briar is of sufficient quality to make a Peterson House Pipe. The Briar block must be of sufficient size and have a flawless, tight grain pattern before it is passed to one of Petersons master craftsmen for shaping and finishing. Even then, the block can be rejected if shaping reveals any burrs or cosmetic deficiencies. Pipes of this size are rare as you never know what the briar is like under the bark until it is cut. It could contain burrs, knotts and even stones. The first cut determines the anticipated size of block. If you are aiming for large blocks there is likely to be more waste so very few manufacturers take the risk.

However Peterson dare to be different. They know a true pipe smoking connoisseur thrives for the full bodied, cool smoke that a large pipe delivers. A pipe of this size will take pride of place amongst any collection and will be cared for and cherished ready for that special occasion. They have a large bore and unless you have deep pockets you will not be able to afford to fill this pipe on a daily basis. They are best saved until you find that special tobacco blend that justifies an evening in front of the fire as a savoured treat.

The Peterson House Bent Terracotta is one such pipe. An extra large, hand made, classic bent, finished with a deep red stain before Petersons silversmith goes to work hand crafting the Silver mount. An extra large, flawless bent pipe with a uniformed grain pattern displayed on thick briar walls. A pipe smoker is unlikely to find a cooler more fulfilling pipe than this.

Patented P.Lip mouthpiece: Unique mouthpiece designed to greatly enhance the smokers experience. The lip is shaped to fit the mouth more comfortably with the tongue pressed under the lip. The smoke exits above the lip, which significantly reduces tongue bite from even the most bitter smoking tobacco’s.
Smooth Finish
Peterson Lip Mouthpiece
Hallmarked Sterling Silver Band
Bowl Ref: XXL (Extra Extra Large)
Approx Dimensions: Length 18cm/7.1", Bowl Height 6.3cm/2.5", Internal Bowl Chamber Depth 5.5cm/2.2" Internal Bowl Chamber Diameter 2.1cm/0.8"

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