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Denicotea Art Deco Multi-Colour Cigarette Holder (2)


Denicotea Art Deco Multi-Colour Cigarette Holder (2)

Brand New & Boxed Denicotea Art Deco Extra Long Marble Effect Cigarette Holder without Filter

Lovers of timeless elegance find accessories of lasting beauty and grace in Denicotea’s  “Art Deco” holders. "Art Deco" holders only come in a limited number. They do not have a filter and that is why they have to be looked at from the aesthetic point of view. These representatives of elevated smoking culture are also interesting for collectors. The holders are made of galalith, a material that was used in the “twenties” for the production of cigarette holders and that is marked by its brilliant colours.  These holders can be enlarged or reduced to various lengths.

  • This model is suitable for normal size cigarettes.
  • Each section can be removed for easy cleaning and to reduce the size of the holder for your own personal preference.
  • The holder can be enlarged to 30cm or reduced to 23.5cm or 16.5cm.
  • Finished in black and gilt with marbled centre sections.
  • Comes in presentation box.



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