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COTY 1992 - Zippo's 60th Anniversary


COTY 1992 - Zippo's 60th Anniversary

60th Anniversary Collectible

The 1992 Collectible of the Year celebrates Zippo's 60th Anniversary. Zippo was founded in late 1932 by George G. Blaisdell who obtained the rights for an Austrian lighter, redesigned the case, attaching the lid to the bottom with a hinge, and kept the windproof chimney surrounding the wick. His admiration for another recent invention, the zipper, led Blaisdell to name his lighter Zippo. As a final touch, Blaisdell guaranteed it to last a lifetime, and an American icon was born.

The 60th Anniversary commemorative features a midnight chrome lighter with a special 60th anniversary pewter emblem. The lighter is packaged in a hinged collectors tin with the 60th anniversary logo on the top of the lid, and a message ensuring Zippo's continued commitment to quality on the inside.

The 60th Anniversary commemorative was the first limited edition Collectible of the Year produced by Zippo. It was the first lighter produced specifically for the collectors market, and was available only in the year it was produced. The response to the commemorative was overwhelmingly positive, prompting Zippo to issue a Collectible of the Year in for ten subsequent years.



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