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Bonds Pure Badger Shaving Brush (1016)

Bonds of Oxford Street

Bonds Pure Badger Shaving Brush (1016)

Bonds of Oxford Street Pure Badger Shaving Brush (1016) manufactured by Progress Vulfix Ltd.

Pure badger hair is of the highest quality, carefully graded for hand filled brushes. It is regarded as the benchmark in terms of quality by leading shaving brush manufacturers. The hair is dark and silver in appearance, immediately identifying the brush as being of an above average standard, and confirming the purity of the hair mixture. The grade of hair is firmer to the touch and is favoured by traditionalists looking to exfoliate the skin prior to shaving.

  • Model No.1016 Pure Badger
  • Handmade - lathe turned handle finish in faux ivory
  • Gold circlet that separates the bristle from the handle is a delicate accent, and compliments gold razors & fixtures
  • Handle height: 50mm
  • Overall brush height: 100mm
  • Knot diameter (at base): 19mm
  • Made in England
  • Boxed

Ref: 1016



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